350 Miles to Cape Wrath

On the 16th February, 2016, I set out to walk the West Highland Way and the Cape Wrath Trail, a 350 mile journey from Milngavie to Cape Wrath. For me, this was a long awaited adventure, a chance to raise much needed funds for a local charity, and of course, an opportunity to build my adventure photography portfolio. I decided to go in February because I wanted the challenge of walking in winter conditions, and to be honest, I quite like the feeling of the cold against my skin. An added bonus of walking in the highlands during winter and early spring is that there are are less people and less midges and ticks. I carried over 4 kg of camera equipment, resulting in a total pack weight of 20 kg and adding to the challenge. I’m not sure if I ever really got comfortable carrying this pack weight as I only weight 60 kg myself, but I saw it as a good way to build my strength for future expeditions, and it certainly got easier as time went on. I saw some truly beautiful places, battled with some pretty horrendous weather conditions as well as the occasional sun burn and I met some warm and truly kind souls who helped to boost my spirits on the most difficult days. All of these things added up to a brilliant journey and a great experience, and I would certainly recommend that others take on the Cape Wrath Trail if they are looking for one of the more challenging trails in Scotland.

I have written a series of blog posts about my trip, and of course included some of the images that I took along the way. Follow the links below and enjoy.


Blog Contents

1. Introduction

2. West Highland Way Part 1 – Milngavie to Tyndrum

3. West Highland Way Part 2 – Tyndrum to Fort William

4. Cape Wrath Trail Part 1 – Fort William to Sourlies

5. Cape Wrath Trail Part 2 – Sourlies to Shiel Bridge

6. Cape Wrath Trail Part 3 – Shiel Bridge to Craig

7. Cape Wrath Trail Part 4 – Craig to Shenavall

8. Cape Wrath Trail Part 5 – Shenavall to Inchnadamph



West Highland Way Gallery

Cape Wrath Trail Gallery