I am an Edinburgh-based photographer with a focus on storytelling and specialising in adventure photography and photography of landscapes and people.


I grew up in Billingham, a small industrial town in the North East of England. After working my way down to Sheffield and then Reading to complete various degrees, I decided that Scotland was the place for me and moved to Edinburgh to start a PhD. During my time in academia, my passion for photography also grew. As I spent more and more time learning techniques and admiring the work of other photographers, I began to see photography as a story telling tool. While a photograph can be aesthetically pleasing, it can also be very emotionally engaging and powerful. A step further from simply recording a moment in time, a photograph has the power to ignite feelings that we associate with that point in time and the subject matter. I have found that the act of taking photographs has caused me to be more engaged with the world, and this has led me to learn so much more about nature and people, how they interact with each other, and how I interact with each of them.

I am always developing my style and trying to grow as a photographer. I find the the unintrusive and natural style of documentary photography particularly appealing. Some of my favourite photographers are the likes of Elliott Erwitt, Garry Winogrand, James Nachtwey and Jim Mortram. I find people’s faces fascinating, their expressions changing by the second and each one giving something away about their underlying thoughts and emotions. Growing up in the (often) bleak and uniquely beautiful industrial landscape of the north east has undoubtedly shaped my vision and influenced my love of urban landscapes. I love natural landscapes too as I spent much of my childhood hiking in the North Yorkshire Moors and the Lake District – this is also the primary reason that I can see myself settling here in Scotland.

I am constantly blown away by the beauty of the islands, coasts and highlands of Scotland, and I can’t spend enough of my time exploring them. I am taking every opportunity to go adventuring in the hills and mountainous regions of Scotland and my passion for adventure is growing all of the time. Visit my blog to read about my adventures in Scotland or go straight to the galleries to see a selection of my images.

Contact me at james@jmbarlow.com or visit my Facebook page if you are interested in working with me, or if you have any questions at all.


Supported by Tiso

I am lucky enough to be part of the “Supported by Tiso” team. Tiso are a Scottish outdoors company who are passionate about encouraging people to get outdoors and have a number of stores around Scotland which provide quality equipment for use on the hills.